• Ana Mercedes

Who are les petites mains?

In the world of haute couture, workers can spend up to 700 hours creating a single garment, with each adorning detail sewn on by hand. If something is labelled haute couture, it means that it is a one-of-a-kind garment that has been custom-created for a specific client. There are currently around 2,200 highly skilled seamstresses who bring the collections to life, often working only for one particular fashion house. The correct name for the people who create the haute couture garments is ‘petites mains’, meaning little hands.

Who are les petites mains?

✂They are highly skilled craftspeople who execute haute couture designs.

✂It can take around 10 years of study and standard required.

✂They often pass their craft down the family line, and usually stay loyal to a particular fashion house.

✂Petites mains are split into two categories: tailoring and flou, the latter specializes in working with soft fabrics.

✂They are trained in embellishment & decorative arts, capable of working on beads and sequins to feathers and flowers.

Couture would not be possible without the vision of the creative director and the skills of the petites mains. Before the show, the creative director will meet with the head of each department, on whom he/she relies upon on bringing his/her vision to life. With the expertise of les petites mains and the approval of the creative director, they select the appropriate fabrics and construction techniques to achieve the desired silhouette and effects. The work and care put into couture pieces is nothing less than perfection...a fantasy worth celebrating!