• Ana Mercedes

What's the difference between a fad, a trend, and a classic?

In the world of fashion, styles are always changing...In order to evaluate which trends to look out for, let's examine what the difference between a fad, a trend, and a classic is.


A fad is a short-lived style. It becomes popular very rapidly and then suddenly dies out. It is easily driven by social media and usually obtains limited adoption. For example, Lizzo’s microbag obsession went viral on social media encouraging others to embrace the tiny bag lifestyle.


On the other hand, trends have a longer life span—they develop and change over time. Trends derive from previous season’s trends and events, especially from macro trends, which have a long-term influence on the market. For instance, significant changes in lifestyle in the last year have impacted our fashion choices making us favor designs with a higher comfort level, such as knits which are soft and stretchy.


Classic styles may be adopted at a slow rate at the beginning, however over time they are widely accepted and stay in fashion for an extended period of time—with some slight variations. For example, every woman has at least one little black dress, the dress may vary from one decades ago as some design details change as the years go by, nonetheless they are recognized as a little black dress.

What other examples can you name for fad, trends or classics?