• Ana Mercedes

What is the zeitgeist?

Fashion is a reflection of what's going on around us in politics, economics and culture. In order to know what is trending, we must tap into the zeitgeist. Zeit is German for time & geist for spirit, meaning it is the spirit of our time. In other words, it is the taste and outlook of a particular period or generation.

We associate certain aesthetic details with what's going on around us, after all, fashion is a reflection of our times. This is why sometimes we see designers end up doing the same thing— whether it's a certain color, print, or silhouette.

Take the pandemic, for instance, we had a major lifestyle adjustment, one in which we were locked in our homes which made us gravitate towards comfortable fabrics and loose silhouettes. As a result of that, last season, we identified a return to occasionwear. Why? We can all agree there is a growing sentiment in dressing up and looking put together, especially since lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

It's important to remember that you should not follow trends blindly. In order to have a successful business, we always recommend thinking about your customer and catering to their needs. You want to be in tune with current events and aesthetics & include trendy pieces you know your customer could wear as well as your classic retail hits.

What would you say is the zeitgeist in 2021?