• Ana Mercedes

What are the requirements to make couture?

It is a common misconception that haute couture is simply handmade, however, couture designers have to follow a very specific set of rules. For instance, fashion houses must have their own atelier with a staff of at least 20 people, must offer private showings for clients, create made-to-order garments, and at least three fittings to deliver the perfect fit. During Paris’s Couture Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year, the brand has to present at least 25 looks.

Paris Haute Couture Week is an event with its fair share of opulent glamour; mostly attended by the clients in search of a lavish look—although no quote of couture has been given, a daywear piece could cost around $8,000 and $20,000 (though it depends on the brand). Haute couture doesn't generate a huge income for fashion houses—in fact, some houses actually lose money since only an elite few can afford such garments—nonetheless, it is the where the designer has the most freedom and creativity.

What was your favorite Couture show this week?