• Ana Mercedes

Trend, Style, Design & Fashion: What is the difference?

We often see that trend and fashion are used interchangeably, and the latter is also being used as a synonym of style. However, that is not always the case, let's examine what each word means in order to be able to take a deep dive into trend research.

Trend refers to the general direction or movement in which something is developing or changing.

For instance, after the pandemic, we favor comfortable clothes over tight workwear.

However, we have started to see workleisure (workwear + athleisure) gain even more popularity, a hybrid option of clothes appropriate for the change in our lifestyle working from home.

Style broadly speaking, is a characteristic mode of presentation that typifies several similar objects of the same category or class

In fashion, style refers to the way in which a person expresses themselves through their aesthetic choices such as clothing, accessories, makeup or hairstyle.

Iris Apfel has a very distinct style, you can spot her by her use of color, heavy jewelry & signature glasses.

Design is a unique combination of silhouette, construction, fabric and detail that distinguishes a single fashion object from all the other objects of the same category.

For example, there are different designs for jeans, such as: straight, bootleg, skinny or flared.

Fashion refers to a style of consumer product or way of behaving that is temporarily adopted by an influential portion of members of a social group, because that chosen style or behaviour is perceived to be socially appropriate for the time and situation.

The fashion industry encompasses all of the above. Oftentimes, high-end designers are the ones that propose the vision for the future. The styles that Fashion houses believe will be accepted by the population are presented every season on the runway. Fashion editors, influencers or icons respond to the proposed styles and recommend them to their viewers, thus creating a trend. Fashion magazines and (more recently) social media play an essential part in the diffusion of emerging trends.

Have you identified any trends recently?