• Ana Mercedes

Sustainable Practices in Haute Couture

Couture is timeless, made of the highest quality & made-to-order. Its production tradition guarantees high quality which results in durable garments, as well as the appropriate compensation for their workers. Such practices are often associated with slow fashion because they result in a lower environmental impact. For the Fall 2021 Couture collections, some designers presented how they are taking multiple steps in the right direction.

Instead of sourcing new fabrics, Ronald van der Kemp and Schiaparelli created outfits out materials that already existed and reworked them.

Second-hand Levi's were used to make up an embroidered denim jacket at Schiaparelli. Van der Kemp used shredded denim to replicate faux fur.

Viktor & Rolf presented looks with “fur” sleeves and necklines which were actually lined with raffia.

Schiaparelli focused on upcycling materials, such as shredded garbage bags to create fringed stoles.

Furthermore, Viktor and Rolf also aimed to reduce waste by heavily featuring patchwork.

Iris van Herpen had a different approach, working with architects and scientists to develop new, more eco-conscious fabrics.

For the Fall 2021 Couture collection she partnered with Parley for the Oceans, she used materials extracted from marine debris found on coastlines around the world

While couture might be an example to follow in slow fashion, it still has a ways to go. Nonetheless, the efforts made by these designers are worth celebrating!

What’s your favorite look?