• Ana Mercedes

Spring Summer 2021 Runway Trends

This season, designers had to experiment with new formats for their presentations. It is amazing how quickly designers shifted to adjust to the new reality in their latest collections. Some created digital presentations while others presented without an audience, but there is no doubt that these shows were a great way to divert us.

Here are some of our favorite trends:

Bold Colors

Joyous hues create excitement. The power of color at this time, seen predominantly in statement pieces, brings about a positive and escapist attitude—which will be key for the coming seasons.


This ladylike aesthetic reigned this season. Mostly inspired in vintage silhouettes, romantic dresses in delicate color palettes alluded to an idyllic countryside escapade. Smoking detailing, gingham checks and dainty floral prints were used among many designers.


Alluring cutouts were used to add an edge on simple silhouettes. This direction is key to add a sensual twist on dresses.

Suit Sets

Colorful and relaxed suit sets bring to mind a carefree approach to workwear. Some suits were accompanied by shorts instead, suggesting a casual tropical feel.


As we adjust to the new reality, designers provide practical garments. From boiler suits to outerwear, lightweight utility elements are essential for the urban commuter.

New Foundations

Taking a hint from the over-growing minimal aesthetic, this season designers favored simple contemporary pieces. Clean silhouettes, mostly in neutral colors, are ideal for an updated workwear closet.

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