• Ana Mercedes

Leave your mark, it’s unique

We often find ourselves looking for inspiration for our fashion businesses. It is an essential part of the creation process, however, when it comes to creating a compelling brand identity it is so valuable to look within since we all possess a unique fingerprint.

To make your mark in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative to build a strong visual identity, one that sets you apart from the competition. Why is this so important? Because when you’re not around, you need a compelling brand image in order for customers to relate to your business. Think of a tree stump, the small remaining portion of a tree with roots still in the ground, the tree is no longer there in its entirety, but we can gather so much information about the tree from looking at the stump. Do you want to have a lasting impression on consumer’s minds?! Let’s start with you... What’s your story?

Your fingerprint tells a thousand words about you, use it.