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It all begins with an idea...You have a creative project you want to share with the world. Finding a direction is taking some time. However, if we commit to our visions, each step will take us far!

Dream it. Build it. Grow with it.

I strive to help you take the first steps that can help you accomplish your goals, whether you need some help in developing your brand, trend forecasting, or concept design for your next collection. ​

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Brand Development

Not sure how to get started? What are your values? Who is your target customer?

You need to develop a brand that will resonate with the right people & establish an aesthetic that is appealing to them.

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Trend Analysis

Looking for a change of direction or simply want to be in the know of the latest consumer and cultural shifts? ​


Honing the right trends is essential to guarantee you customer will purchase, get custom trend boards to incorporate in your product line.

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Collection Development

Feeling a little stuck? Don't have enough time to do research for your next collection?


Get a clear direction on the theme and elements of your next collection cohesive to your brand's story.

Not sure what you need?

For custom-made services, get in touch for a free 15 minutes consultation!