Ana Mercedes Figueroa

Trend Forecaster & Marketing Professional 

I am a visual researcher who is passionate about trend forecasting and consumer habits. I strive to connect the dots between the cultural landscape and material worlds in order to create ideas that can translate into tangible designs. In my practice, I combine my keen eye for current trends along with my knowledge of the marketplace to deliver realistic strategies.

I am passionate about creating, whether it’s an idea, a brand, a collection, or the future. 

Professional Background


Currently based in Madrid collaborating with other creatives. 

Harpers Bazaar_Editorial_Costura Maestra_Behind the Scenes
Harpers Bazaar_Editorial_Costura Maestra
Harper's Bazaar Editorial

Costura Maestra

Styling Assistant

Harpers Bazaar_Editorial_Costura Maestra


Architectural Digest Still Life
Architectural Digest Still Life

Bien Vestidos

Styling Assistant

La Moda en las Calles Behind the Scenes
La Moda en las Calles Editorial

Peiteado Twins

Styling Assistant 

IED Madrid
Graduated with a Masters degree in Fashion Communication & Styling. 


After a few years of working experience, I had an interest in expanding my knowledge in order to better assist fellow entrepreneurs, which is why I moved to Madrid to pursue a Masters degree in Fashion Communication & Styling. 


Have also had the opportunity of sharing my experience in a teaching position at UNITEC, in which I taught Fashion courses such as History of Fashion and Trend Analysis, as well as the modules granted by NABA (Nuova Academia di Belle Arte) in Milan.  

UNITEC_Diseño de Moda

Fashion Professionals

Unitec Student Work Fashion Design
Unitec_Fashion Design_Process Book_Student Work

Student work


Argon Sleep Shirt Atenas Hernandez
Revista Eva Article

NYFW Runway Analysis

Fashion Contributor

AETHER Loungewear

After working in New York City for a couple of years, I moved back home to Honduras. Upon doing some market research and taking into consideration my own experience as a freelancer,  I decided to start a Fashion company of my own.


Founded Aether Loungewear in December 2015 with the purpose of creating practical & contemporary clothes one could wear inside and outside our home.


Was simultaneously working at Fashion Snoops, a trend forecasting agency where I discovered my love for culture shifts and consumer behavior and trained as a Fashion Forecaster. I did a fair amount of research, attended design trade shows, watched every single runway and created forecasting trend stories published on the website. 

FS Logo.png
FS_Packaging Report
Vallarino Saltonstall

Began a career in Fashion in New York City, working with a Fashion start-up based in Brooklyn. Was in charge of doing the market analysis to launch the brand at trade shows, created promotional material, and contacted local stores to sell at.


Additionally, contributed the design team with trend analysis in order to develop the following collections.  

Vallarino Saltonstall
Vallarino Saltonstall Top


Graduated with A Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Fashion marketing & Management

Minor in Fashion Design