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Brand Development

Not sure how to get started? What are your values? Who is your target customer?

You need to develop a brand that will resonate with the right people & establish an aesthetic that is appealing to them.

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Trend Analysis

Looking for a change of direction or simply want to be in the know of the latest consumer and cultural shifts? ​


Honing the right trends is essential to guarantee you customer will purchase, get custom trend boards to incorporate in your product line.

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Collection Development

Feeling a little stuck? Don't have enough time to do research for your next collection?


Get a clear direction on the theme and elements of your next collection cohesive to your brand's story.

I believe great things are achieved by small steps, we just have to take the right ones, that is why I am here!

Ana Mercedes

about Me

Hello, I am Ana Mercedes!



I am a Trend Consultant and Marketing Professional, who is passionate about creating, whether it’s an idea, a brand, a collection or the future.